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Working Hard is a Thing of the Past

I was born and raised in the Midwest. They say Midwesterns have the best work ethic. I grew up living off the land, hardly had any money, yet we always seem to make it work out. I learn early on in life theres a difference between Need and Want, and if you want it you better work hard to earn it. Nothing in this life came for free. There are not handouts for people like me. My how the times have changed...... 3-2-1 go.

What the fuck am I talking about? Government handouts. Stimulous checks & Government aid housing to be exact. This isn't a "woe is me" for not getting a stimulous check. I should be proud that I made more money than half the fucks out there that needed that check to survive. If you hear my personal story, you'd be proud of me too. This is a "when the fuck does it end!" When you consistanty give the lazy free hand outs it doesn't trigger a motivation to want to work to have more and be better. It just continues to feed into their laziness knowing they're getting what they want for free. This shit really grinds my gears.

We all know someone, or multiple people, who are maxing out credit cards, do not know how to live within their means, lazy fuck faces who don't want to work, would rather party- and were now just hand 4 stimulous checks to say, "hey! we support your laziness! Here's some money to keep being lazy!" Out of those people we also know 100% of them didn't look at that money and say, "great! I can pay off some debt!" HA! What. A. Joke. 2020 started the year of free handouts to people who need a swift kick in the ass and a hard working job. People should need to earn their keep, or lose everything. I busted my ass my whole life! Worked two jobs in high school, and worked full time in college while double majoring in chemistry. No easy task. I found a career that would sustain me and give me the life I wanted. I worked 14-16 hour days making sure I was the best in my field and constantly growing my resume to groom the life I wanted. And for what? All my hard earned money to go to a lazy motherfucker who'd rather stay home and birth 10 kids they know they can't afford? That's some messed up shit.

Stimulous checks have ended employment life as we know it. People have gotten comforable with their handouts that are coming out of yours and mine pockets. People have gotten comforatble knowing they can get paid without holding a job. What's worse than that? They can also afford nice houses too! What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Makes me want to quit my job too.

My boyfriend and I recently moved into, what we thought, was a really awesome neighborhood. We were told it was quiet, and by the looks of the homes it looked to be mid to upper class, so I'm sure you can imagine our excitment. I say mid- to upper class, because it doesn't matter your race, ethinicity, or even your sexual orientation. People of a certain class act differently. Where I grew up the trailor trash was all white folks. This is not a racial comment. Those who work professionally tend to live professionally which in turn leads to acting a certain way, not like a bunch of hooligans. Needless to say, my boyfriend and I came to the quick realization that our new subdivision was "trailer trash." How? How could these types of people afford to live here? We could barely afford to live here! Every weekend we pondered this question while dealing with their hoodlum charades. Until one Uber driver spilled the beans.

Come to find out not only does the Government give out free money- they are also paying for housing. This man, who's only job is to driver Uber. Took a class, submitted an application, and the Government was happy enough to pay for a percentage of his $500,000 home. He didnt work for it. He didn't earn it. He drives a fucking Uber for God's sake! What in the living hell was the point of college and a good career if the government is just going to roll over and reward the leeches of this world? If they want a home they should be put in low-income housing. Shit ass apartments with no amenities and forced to work if they want a better life. Not learn how to bottom feed those of us at the top so they can have a better life than us! He assures us we can do it to. Just go online! Um no sir. We make too much money to be rewarded for our loyalty to careers and outstanding work ethic.

POV: WIC checks and aid for pregnant mothers should be given upon income statments. People need to work.

We are creating a society where it's ok to take from those who earned every penny and give it to someone who doesn't want to earn their keep. That is ass backwards and fucked up, and it down right aggreviates the shit out of me. Wake up people! We need to end stimulous checks and all government aid. Force people to go back to work, and start keeping our hard earned money in our pockets!

There. I said it.

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