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Motherhood should be a Choice

I am picking this to my first blog post because it is the most current event happening that is eating me away and I need to get this off my chest. 3-2-1 go.

If you have any type of social media account I am sure you have seen by now the picture of a man holding a sign that says "Motherhood should be a choice," which is in response to the recent change in abortion laws. I am not surprised by the amount of people that spread this picture like wildfire, but what gets me going is I don't think people are fully reading and captivating what that signs says. Or maybe they are truly that stupid as I don't see what this sign has to do with abortion.

Motherhood is a choice. 100%! No one but you can take the choice away! Not the Supreme Court, not the President, Governor, or any other politician. Not even your mom, dad, boyfriend, etc... You and you alone take responsibility over that choice. Do women not realize that their sexual actions have reproductive consequences? Somewhere throughout the years people have forgotten there are consequences to pay for the actions you take. Noone gets to go through life doing whatever they want and not have some price to pay. You want to have sex, then you are saying you are ready to be a mom, because that is the ultimate consequence to that action. You choose to have sex. You choose to not take every means necessary to prevent pregnancy, and so you choose the route of motherhood. Who's problem is that if it's not yours?

There are multiple types of birth control methods out there. Most of which are 99% effective or higher if taken regularily and as prescribed. That means being responsible enough to take the pill everyday at the same time. I have an alarm- Killing Babies Alarm. Every morning at 730am my alarm goes off and I take that pill. Then I go back to bed. Really not hard folks. Probably the easiest thing I do all day.

There are shots. There are IUD's and Nuvarings. If you're a true space cadet put one of these in and forget about it! There are condoms. If you're truly not wanting to be a mom, why are you not taking at least 2 of these precautions? News Flash: the pull out and pray method doesn't work. If you don't want to be a mom- abstinence works too! By golly, aint nobody's fault but your own at this point. Men- you can do the same shit. Use a condom. Doesn't matter what method the girl is on. If you don't want to be a dad- package your meat before the heat. Its really just that simple. Hell, if you can't remember to use a birth control method, I'll tell you now you ain't ready to be a Mom.

Motherhood is a choice. It's your choice to prevent it from happening. Not throwing a god damn fit because the Supreme court took away your safe haven. If you don't want a baby. Aren't ready for a baby. You just slimmed down and don't want to reck your new hot body for a baby. Don't treat your body like its a cum dumpster. Treat it like you aren't ready and do every means necessary to prevent Motherhood from happening. Because Motherhood is a choice- YOUR choice. So start choosing wisely.

There. I said it.

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