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Creme Brulee Can Never Be Jell-O

I mean I love both! There is nothing that beats the creamy delicacy with sugary crunch of the Creme Brulee, but there is something comforting and fun with wiggling giggling Jell-O. There is a time and place for each, but you will never see both in the same place. Why? Class. You can't dress up Jell-O to match the classy sofistication of Creme Brulee- and adding Whipped topping doesn't come close. 3-2-1 go.

This post has nothing to do with desserts, although now I would love to go bake some. This is a rant about people who try to act high class, but come off as trash. Let me draw you a picture of what this looks like in my world.

This man owns his own company. Very successful company. His now fiancee worked sales, but has recently quit her job to join hubby's buisness. They own a nice Condo downtown complete with a pool. They are always happy to pick up the check when out with friends, and even provide all the food when hosting holiday gatherings. They sound awesome, right? Who doesn't want friends like this? Me. Here's why.

While this couple sounds great I find them to be completely rude and classless. They can put on the clothes, and rain down cash, but at the end of the day if you have no manners you're no better than plain jane. Recently this couple had a baby shower. They send out eVites. Ok fine, it's just a baby shower. I'll let it slide. They of course hosted the whole thing, provided all the food and drinks, but we still brought gifts. A few hundred dollars worth of gifts. Almost a year has gone by, and I still have not received a Thank You card. Manners? Class? How about just common decency as a human being receiving a gift, and you reply with," Thank you!"?? Rude AF.

Then theres Thanksgiving. Mind you my boyfriend grew-up with this man, so they go way back. I know no one. I happily attend Thanksgiving with this couple and BOTH their families. Again, I know no one. You would think that the couple would introduce me, or include me in on the festivities, but no. While the men were outside, the young ladies pranced off to do girlie things and left me alone with the elders. I had a great time talking with the older ladies, however, it would have been nice to be included with the ladies my age. Where were they? Why do I feel so unwelcome? Fine, whatever, I'll let it go, and hope to never have to do that again.

Now comes the bachelor party. This man, who seems to think he is a high roller, plans a trip to Miami complete with Yacht Party, and every man attending would need to cough up a few thousand dollars. Thousands! THOUSANDS! Who the fuck do you think you are? We don't even spend hundrends of dollars on our vacations, but you want us to spend Thousands on your bach party? Fuck off. Oh and guess how that invitation was sent? eVite for the win!

Somewhere in here is also the engagement party- held across the country to which we again would have had to spend hundreds in plane tickets and hotels, drinks, dinner, etc... again eVite sent, and still no Thank You Card from the baby shower.

Now it's time for a wedding. I am beyond over this couple. Zero Manners from what I have experienced. Completely rude, unwelcoming, unthankful, and classless. Yet they still think they are classy AF. We got a wedding invitation. I think by now you can assume it was sent via email. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!? And then to top it off- Black Tie. Excuse me? Are you trying out for Real Housewives? You can't seem to dish out a few hundred dollars on normal fucking Wedding invitations- or better yet Thank you cards- yet I need to pay hundreds for a dress, tux, hotel, gift, etc.... big fat fuck off to that too.

You can look sophisticated, have the delicacy, and over the top flare. You may look high class, but your lack of manners, exclusiveness, unwelcoming, rude AF ass is just plain and giggly. Jell-O can never be Creme Brulee.

There. I said it.

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